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Mars by Crazybaby Levitation Bluetooth Speaker, Black

Mars By Crazybaby Levitation Bluetooth Speaker Review written by: marshd With the right speaker, you can take your music to a next level where you can enjoy the music thoroughly. This Mars by the Crazybaby floating Bluetooth speaker is one such example which will be highly beneficial for you. The sleek, stylish and unique look of this speaker has made it quite popular among people. It is also loaded with a number of special features that are really great. The sound quality is also superb and makes your music listening experience quite a fun. The Mars craft automatically floats in the space and also land on its own. This design is really very unique and attractive to many. Read on to know more about the features and its advantages. This will help you to decide whether to buy or not.

What Are The Key Features?

Some of the key features and specifications of this awesome Bluetooth speaker are –

– Wireless levitation: The classy and innovative style of UFO shaped Mars craft floating above the base is really amazing. This wireless levitation technology is quite advance and it keeps on floating automatically. It also lands down on its own as soon as it runs out of battery. With the help of wireless capabilities, it will also start charging.

– Durable and waterproof: Another great thing about this floating Bluetooth speaker is that it is waterproof. It can resist up to the depth of 3 feet. The aluminium in the aircraft can protect it from the bad and extreme weather conditions outdoor.

– Easy to control: You can control this speaker easily and enjoy a great experience. You can connect this with your Android or iOS devices and enjoy the music. The great quality sound is another great feature of this Bluetooth speaker. Even the control is very easy and you can easily control the volume and shuffle the music with the help of this speaker.

– Stereo system: if you pair two units of Mars then it will create a 2.1 stereo sound system for your home theatre. Thus you can enhance your experience a lot. Even the sound is so powerful that it is more than enough for a large room. And also its 320-degree Omni directional feature offers everyone to listen equally present in the room.


  1. It is highly durable and resistant to water which is really great.
  2. Look stylish when the Mars float and lands automatically once the battery is low.
  3. The battery life is 8 hours after its starts floating.
  4. The speaker can span a complete 360 degree to make sure that everyone is getting the best sound.


  1. The operating system may seem to be a bit difficult for some people who are not much into devices.
  2. The price is quite high which is even justified looking at the product.

So, these are the main features of this great floating Bluetooth speaker. If you are looking for one Bluetooth speaker then nothing can be better than this. The significant and versatile features of this speaker are really great. So, enhance your sound experience with the help of this great Bluetooth speaker.

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