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ICEORB Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker

A Detailed Review Of  The Bluetooth Floating Speaker

The Bluetooth floating speaker is one of the most beautiful as well as sensible ever innovated by technology. It is also a complete fit when it comes to the new life changing comforts of this generation. This product is in a position to beat all the challenges that come with listening to music using a Bluetooth speaker, hence making it quite effective as compared to other devices used to listen to music. This Bluetooth floating speaker is not only in a position to meet all its intended functions effectively it also meets all your personal style needs. Below are features that make the Bluetooth flying speaker an ideal product.

An astonishing orb

This is an amazing piece of Bluetooth speaker designed in such a way that it can hover around since it defies gravity. It is a piece that has been crafted with all perfection required. This spinning orb contains high-quality speakers that allow you to be in a position to play your music as loud as you please without experiencing any kind of noise distortion. The best part about this spinning on is the fact that it does not interfere with sound clarity or quality, the music experience still remains incredible. As if all these features are not enough, the orb can also serve as a portable speaker minus the base or a standalone Bluetooth speaker.

An actual music powerhouse

The orbs base streamlined circular base with a thickness of 25mm, this base is responsible for covering the Orb freely in the air. This base also contains an internally built USB port that can serve a charger for Smartphones and Tablets when it has direct power supply. This qualifies the Bluetooth floating to not only be an incredible source of music but a charger for other devices as well.

3600 sound ability

The Bluetooth floating speaker has a 360spinning speaker system that ensures that everyone around it gets the best quality music that is not compromised in any way. You do not have to be close it for you to experience its enviable music experience; all you have to do is be in the same room with it.

Several beneficial connectivity options

The Bluetooth floating speaker has two essential connectivity options which are NFC and Bluetooth. NFC is a connectivity option that is responsible for ensuring that whenever the orb is pairing with another device around it your smart devices are never left out.

Pros and cons

As much this device is one of the best devices ever invented in technology it has a few cons as well. Outlined are a few of its major pros and cons.


  • Worth your money

It offers an enviable kind of the best music experience hence totally worth your every coin.

  • Amazing speakers

This product has simply the best speakers you could ever experience from any Bluetooth device.

  • Serves two purposes at once

It not only offers you the best music experience, it also plays the role of a charger.

  • 360sound availability

You do not have to ensure that the speaker faces you for you are in a position to clearly get the music since it has 360sound ability.


  • Slightly challenging working concept.

It gets slightly challenging to have the orb up and floating around.

  • Lacks the appropriate base

As much this device offers good music it does not offer the kind of a base you would expect from a quality music system.


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