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MUSIC ANGEL Multi-color LED Portable Wireless Speaker


Music Angel Levitating Speaker is a 5 star rated device not only from the awesome levitating speaker and the dazzling light but from the quality of the sound it produces especially when it is maxed out. The fact that they have inbuilt Mic makes it possible for one to receive calls even when they are on the road. Unlike the Music Angel Cube which produced a little bit of distortion when it is maxed out or plugged to the TV, this speaker doesn’t and the base is pretty fine too.

Therefore, if you are a gadget freak, this should be your 2016 “must have�?. It makes a perfect gift too. It is an assurance that they won’t stop talking about it. The levitating feature this speaker possess is just one of a kind. For levitation to work, use your mark I optics, that is, your eyes, and place the speaker at the centre of the base. Do this after connecting the base to AC power supply. Then wait for sometimes till you feel the magnetic cradle from the base station as you centre the speaker, then release the speaker when you feel some levitation. For the dazzling lights to work even better, simply tone down the base station’s Blue LED ring as it tends to overwhelm the speakers slow fading LED lights.

Main Features

  • Adjusting this speaker is easy. You can do it using the inbuilt buttons on the speaker or via Bluetooth.
  • The base bottom side is made from soft rubber making your furniture scratch free.
  • This speaker has in-built power saving features and with its levitation; it’s a wonderful addition to your décor.
  • It has a standalone orb and Bluetooth systems. This makes it possible for you to access music anywhere and anytime even when the speaker is levitating.
  •  The levitation effect which can pique anyone around you. Setting isn’t hard either, it’s easy as 1-2-3
  •  It has an inbuilt mic. This facilitates receiving phone calls even when you are on the move.
  •  It offers a 3-D sound with a distortion free timbre no matter how high you crank it up.
  •  The speaker rotates 3600 and direction of rotation are at the discretion of the listener.
  •  LED color from the base and the speaker produces dazzling lights to accompany your music, and mood too.
  •  The inbuilt magnet the base comes with adds extra flexibility to the speaker. It brings in portability and you can stick it anywhere you want.


  • Sound quality it produces is good
  • The levitation feature beautifully designed and adds a feature in your home to wow your visitors
  • The rubber base ensures your furniture stays scratch free.
  •  It is small and therefore easily portable.


  • Changing the speaker is through a micro-USB, which requires you to stop the floating and charge.
  • The orb speaker is made from a black matte which is smeared easily with fingerprints.


  • For those seeking for a speaker that blends both traditional and modern sound technology, this speaker could be the perfect fit for you.

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