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Air 2 CSBT-311-PNK Wireless Floating Sound 4.0 Bluetooth HD Speaker

Are you into technology? Well, this is not the kind of tech you can go without. It’s one of a kind gadget that will totally blow your mind. Picture this, a levitating saucer like the speaker in mid air that uses Bluetooth connectivity to function. Totally awesome! This wireless speaker comes with quality when it comes to sound. This is the kind of machine that will keep you gazing and amazed. You don’t want to miss out when others are having fun listening to music from this futuristic machine. You get a lot more than you expect when it comes to this floating Bluetooth speaker.

Floating Bluetooth Speaker Features

  1. Allows easy connectivity from different platforms, the levitating speaker is able to connect with different devices, be it a smartphone or a tablet, you are sure of efficient connectivity.
  2. It’s portable, this is made possible due to the fact that the air speaker is able to independently attach to any surface that is compatible with it. So you don’t have to worry when you are moving around. You can pocket it in your bag and your party is ready to begin.
  3. It’s versatile in that you are able to receive and take calls from the levitating speaker and as well as listen to music with it. This feature is quite intriguing in that you can talk via the speaker without having to strain to first disconnect it.
  4. Excellent sound quality, well this device beats the sound of 6 to 10 people shouting. It has a longer lifetime compared to mobile speakers. You can be sure that the volume capability is louder. Be sure to dance to your music with so fun from the sound quality this machine offers.
  5. It’s been built with a cooling in mind. The levitating speaker does the magic, it portrays art in motion, something you don’t see more often. Being a conversational piece as well makes it worth to be a personal speaker that can rock your world.
  6. Comes with a variety of colors. It comes with a variety of different amazing colors which are well coordinated. You can choose from Red, blue, pink and black. Awesome colors to love, right?
  7. Gives you the AUX and Bluetooth option. If you are probably using a gadget that doesn’t connect with Bluetooth, the floating Bluetooth speaker doesn’t bar you from listening to music. It has the option of the AUX where you can connect with other wired devices like your disc man.

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  1. Has good sound quality.
  2. It’s portable and light to carry around.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. You are able to connect with different Bluetooth devices.


  1. It’s hard to set up the levitating speaker. Perhaps a bigger magnetic base could stabilize it.

Call it a saucer or a bird; however you like it, but the floating blue tooth speaker is the ideal personal speaker of the future. The sound quality and efficiency when it comes to its operation are totally intriguing. All you have to do is pair your speaker via your smartphone, plug in the base to your electricity source and you are ready to play your favourite music and levitate.

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