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ICEORB Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review– For Great Sound Production

Are you looking for a classy Bluetooth speaker that will deliver you quality sound system? Would you love to enjoy a great base that is above the magnetic base? In case you want a single Bluetooth speaker with all these, then the floating Bluetooth speaker is the ultimate solution. This is a world-class Bluetooth speaker designed to improve the 3D surround effect. It is very compatible, thus can easily connect with both Bluetooth enabled tablets and smartphones. This is the world’s best Bluetooth speaker that you will definitely love.

Product features


Quality sound system

This is the number one speaker that offers the best sound system. You can always use this smart speaker either indoors or outdoors. It always spins up to 10 mm beyond the magnetic base. This, therefore, implies that it offers more than expected from it, hence it is a must buy Bluetooth floating speaker. Get it today and you will definitely love it.

It is very compatible

This high-quality Bluetooth will always guarantee you a seamless connectivity. This, therefore, implies that you can always enjoy unlimited entertainment once connected to any Bluetooth enabled device. It can easily connect to tablets and smartphones that are Bluetooth enabled.

A special sound guide cone

This is the only Bluetooth floating speaker that has its own special guide cone. This is a very important feature as it ensures an increased 3D surround effect. Through this, you will definitely enjoy a great level of entertainment. This is the ultimate Bluetooth speaker that will guarantee you top-notch performances. Get it today and you will have made the best decision ever since it will amaze you with its high-quality services.

A crafted soft cushion

This is another great feature that makes this sophisticated Bluetooth speaker the ultimate bed side companion. This is because the cushion will always adjust and will easily illuminate whenever it is switched on. Why miss this elegant and smart Bluetooth speaker? It is the best floating Bluetooth speaker in the market today that you will definitely love.


The speaker can always be moved from one point to another, hence very reliable. It can only be ported when the when the base is removed. This, therefore, gives you the chance to enjoy great entertainment at any place of your choice.

ICEORB Harmony Floating Bluetooth Speaker Review Video


  • The speaker guarantees quality sound system
  • It is also the best bed side companion for great entertainment
  • It is relatively cheap and affordable
  • This elegant Bluetooth speaker is very compatible with various Bluetooth enabled devices.


These are some of the umpteen numbers of reasons why you need to purchase this splendid Bluetooth speaker today. It is designed to ensure quality sound system and will always spin up to 10mm above the magnetic base. It is also made from high-quality materials to ensure that it serves you for a life time. The small and compact size ensure that it occupies the smallest space possible in your room. Despite its high-quality nature, it is relatively cheap and affordable, hence the best.

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